Viking Waterway

Frozen Trail to Merica

Maalan Aruum
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the Lenape Migration




Ancient American Alliance

the Route of the Frozen Trail Migration

Historical writing by Bishop Gudmundur of Iceland. c 1350 describes the extreme cold of the Little Ice Age:

"This servant of God was Bishop of the country which the books call Thile, but which Northmen call Iceland. It must be said that this is an appropriate name for the Island, as there is plenty of ice both on land and on sea. On the sea there is sea ice, which fills up the northern harbors in great quantity, and on the high mountains of the country there are permanently frozen glaciers."

-The Saga of Bishop Gudmundur, cira 1350. Translated from Sigurdsson et. al., Biskupa, Saga I-II 1858-78;2:5

In 1360 an Icelandic Bishop, Oddsson, wrote:

"The inhabitants of Greenland of their own free will have abandoned the true faith ....and joined themselves with the folk of America."

In 1364, the author of the Inventio Fortunatae wrote of

"...nearly 4000 people who 'entered the indrawing seas [beyond Greenland] who never returned."

About 1350 on the shores of James Bay, Ca, a stanza maker, who spoke old Norse, created an oral stanza confirming to the Drottkvaett format. He created simple pictographs to cue the future teacher which stanza to say when:

On the wonderful slippery water,
On the stone hard water, all went
On the great tidal sea,
Over the [puckered pack ice]

[I tell you it was a big mob]
In the darkness,
all in one darkness
To Akomen, to the [west],
In the darkness
They walk and walk,
all of them!


Did 'nearly 4,000' Greenlanders walk into Hudson Strait?

Where did they go?

Our school children do not learn about the LENAPE EPIC.