Frozen Trail to Merica

Maalan Aruum
(aka Walam Olum)

the Lenape Migration



Maalan Aruum (aka Walam Olum) Pictographs

The Maalan Aarum (engraved years) is a true American history begun 800 years ago. The history was recorded by pictographs on wood. A stanza was memorized for each pictograph. People speaking Old Norse created the stanzas. Records of the pictographs and the sounds still exist.

The Saga begins with 14 ships of Norse people landing in Greenland. Within two decades the Norse became Christians. More than a century later, Bishop Gnuppson went to East Man’s Land (James Bay) to teach Bible to Norse people. The Bishop(s) made pictographs and verses for the Creation and Flood.

When the Little Ice Age came, over two centuries later, the best source of food was in America at the open water marvels. Four Thousand Norse from Greenland walked across the ice to America. In “Evergreen land” a historian added Chapter 3. which is a brief history of Greenland and the migration. The Maalan Aarum (engraved years) Chapters 4 and 5 are parallel histories of two and a half centuries of events.

The Norse transformed into the Shawnees, the Leni Lenape, the Mahigans, and two other tribes In the early 1600s all five tribes of Norse descendants met the invading Europeans. The Kings in Europe made charters that authorized colonies only on land occupied by “barbarians” or “savages.” There is solid evidence the European invaders in America knew they had met people speaking Norse. But the letters back to Europe were full of “barbaric” and “savage” descriptions.